In some ways I'm a stereotypical African girl, like when it comes to challenging the racial and educational barriers. Where I become an alien to my ethnicity is when I challenge the thought of  gender equality and the absurdity of gender roles because we as a society refuse to think beyond our capacity and capability. There is no growth where there is no challenge. We struggle with the topic of brokeness because in some ways we're all broken. I have tried and failed many times trying to investigate the source of many African mothers brokenness. It is a personal issue I have concluded. I don't want to be a broken vessel for my children instead I want them to thank me for my strength. You have to sometimes exhibit what you want and how you want it. Some people were not shown love so they can never love you the way you would want to be loved and I have come to understand that it's okay. I personally refuse to let my brokeness become an instrument of hate towards my offspring. I choose to love even if I have to learn it on my own, I choose to exhibit the love I hope to receive  and if I don't I will know in my heart that I have loved with my all and not just made weak excuses of being broken. I plan on becoming a strong woman so my future children can thank me and that's what makes me an alien to my tribe.

Truly if we reward good intentions then we wouldn't think of the bad that people do to us. Imagine judging somebody negatively every time they did something positive for you... That's the problem we Africans have. We can never be please or satisfied with anything. We always want more and we act as if it's our right or it's something that we've earned. Service should be earned through high respect and dignity. Respect should never be given if it's not earned and since we're on the topic of respect let me address the fact that respect goes both ways, it's not a one way streak. Give respect to earn respect. And I mean respect yourself as well. If we are to grow as a society and prominent people we need to welcome feminist ideas and stop being misogynistic. Women are the future! I repeat woman are the future!! And this is for the disgusting low life African uncles that deflower our young girls before they're old enough to understand who they are. Women are the future! Let that marinate... Marriage is not a prize or trophy that we work all our lives to claim, it does not validate our existence. MARRIAGE IS NOT AN END GOAL! If we listen to our girls we would understand that they want MORE, we envision more and we work towards more. We don't want to settle on dumbass careers that parents forced us into instead we want to pave ways and create opportunities. This is the age of African women being entrepreneurs, boss lady, business owners, feminist and door openers. We don't want to sit in the background and play the house wife anymore.... we want to create, to be apart of the process. We want to be renaissance women and juggle tasks. That's the future of African women and we're gradually making it happen. Misogynist men can have the middle finger and a backseat.
-Signed a vibrant African girl


That's all for now, until next time stay fabu-lous!

Peace, love and happy shopping


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