BY: Jael Perkins 

I can't explain myself and actions.
Everything is a faction, I don't get my actions.
Love is what you asked for, love is what I crave.
I want to be brave, I want to be saved.
I don't want to look because of the pain.
The things you do that makes me feel insane.
When your love is so plain, it makes me want to scream.
Why can't I please you?
Why can't I love you hard?
I disappoint you with my actions and words.
All I want is to be free like the birds, free and soaring in the highest of skies.
Right by your side, but I'm tied down in this pit.
Sins piling up.
Yup I need you.
The things that you do.
Make me feel special, make me feel wanted.
I want to be vaunted.
My sins, my sins, they drag me down and I hit the ground.
The things that you do.
Make me blessed, take away my stress and save me from the mess.
I love you, I really do, but how do it prove it? 
When I can't beat the things you do

        That's all for now, until next time stay fabu-lous!

Peace, love and happy shopping

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