Who are you? really, who are you? 
Strip away the titles, age, jobs and everything you might use to identify yourself. Who were you before all of this?  I was Jael, not a dancer, singer, blogger, student, fashionista, artist, poet or picture fanatic. I was just Jael. Simply Jaelicious, a bubbling, fun and full of life character. I was a beauty queen and loved to compete in pageants. I had big dreams of  achieving world peace and buying all the ice cream in the world. I was a quizzing team leader, a mathematics genius, I had an imaginary hospital and I save all the war veterans. I had a very big imagination, I climbed trees like George of the jungle, sewed for all my super model dolls, offered advice to all my emotionally unstable friends, read the bible or at least what I could understand of it, I learned to forgive those who kept hurting me. I was just Jael. 

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