This is my beginning.
I don't want to make mistakes but who am I without my mistakes?
I have a lot to prove but then I think what am I trying to prove to people...?
This is my beginning, I have to start out right, too many bright eyes are looking up to me, too many dark eyes are looking down on me. I have to be a light, a contagious light or maybe I can just be plain old Jael and make mistakes and live. This is my beginning and I intend to make it great! 

I love high waisted pants but sometimes I have trouble styling them especially for formal occasions. I have developed this habit of styling cheap to chic. I purchased this top from Forever21 with the intention of wearing it with my denim shorts but decided to try it with these wide leg high waisted pants. I realized that when styling high waisted pants you have to show some skin, the whole crop top with high waisted pants trend is pretty worn out but it's definitely something you can still try. I always recommend a tight fitting shirt or blouse to package your boobs or if you don't have much boobs you get a fitted crop top without a V-neckline.  Always remember that high waisted pants are big girls friendly so no need for waist trainers or corset, if anything it helps you appear thinner when styled right. Another thing to remember when styling  high waisted pants is that you always have to go one size up from your actual size. These pants are size 6 and normally I wear a size 5 but if I had gotten 5 it wouldn't have fitted me like this and also remember sometimes the sizing depends on the brand/store.   




That's all for now, until next time stay fabu-lous!

Peace, love and happy shopping

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