I have never had the problem of saying no to people, I said no so much growing up you would think it's the first word I learned to say. I was never a pushover it's not apart of my character never was, but I had a hard time saying no to my thoughts. I let them push me to do things that I was not proud of and to say things I know I would regret. I said yes to every lie I fed myself and every insecurity and doubt so you see saying to others was easy but saying no to myself was the battle.

I struggled with saying no to myself. There was no self discipline, no self control because really I was controlled by my ability to say yes and to cater to my every need. I kept saying yes when I needed to say no. I kept feeding the monster when I needed to starve it. No is such a powerful word, it's signifies the end of something but if not used right it can put you in bondage. Saying yes to myself had me on a lockdown.

I thought of ways to starve my "needs" but really what I needed to understand is that I need to stop saying yes when I need to say no. I eventually understood it and took charge of myself. For once my mind wasn't thinking for me I was thinking for myself. No is a powerful word but it's definitely something we all can't live without.
Self discipline starts when you learn to say no to those things that you once said yes to.



That's all for now, until next time stay fabu-lous!

Peace, love and happy shopping


  1. Wow! What a powerful post! I loved it!
    So well written and really an important lesson for us all.
    Also I LOVE your style!!! X Metiya


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