Hey dolls!
This summer I plan on sharing a few tips on how to start a blog and all of those good things so here I am...
In this post I'm going talk getting started on blog.

When I first started blogging I started with Blogger, but most people recommended I switch over to Wordpress or weebly. I tried out Weebly but realized that it was very expensive for a beginner, blogger was my best option.  I chose Blogger because it is easy to navigate, great for beginners, easy to get adjusted to and their templates are not too bad. I don't know much about Wordpress so can't really speak for them but from what I've heard from some people it's really nice but ultimately the decision is yours. 

Finding a domain name was very tricky for me because I didn't really know what I wanted my blog name to be... For the first year and a half I used the blogspot domain which was when I started getting more traffic I made the decision to purchase a domain. For my first domain I went through NAMECHEAP.COM. I purchased my domain for $10 for a year. I renewed it a year later after it expired. I wanted to renew it for this year but unfortunately I forgot my password so I had to switch over to google domains. Google domains is a website where you purchase domains through google. I purchased my domain google and transferred it to Blogger. I'm going to talk about domain transferring probably in my next post. Once you've completed these two steps you're all set to go. In the part 2 of this post I'm going to be talking about how you find templates and where to purchase your first template and how to start coding.

That's all for now, until next time stay fabu-lous!

Peace, love and happy shopping

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