I have worn out your name... I have been seeking for this thing I know I need. My walls are built up so high that even bulldozers can't break them down, but the thing is I need you. I'm learning to slowing lay it all down... Damn I had no idea this would be a battle. The noisy nights, quiet mornings and empty bed when I'm left alone with my thoughts...  Crazy as it may seem I find solitude in my kingdom but what good is it if I'm still the same afterwards? I want what I've never had but crave so desperately. I will let my kingdoms fall but only if you can assure me that I will have you by me always. It's not easy being alone... I have learned to trust in my thoughts but even that has failed me, so I'm asking will you stay by me? I have many reasons to be angry, bitter, sad and depressed but I don't want to be. Will you stay by me? All I have is me and if I lay me down for you will you stay with me? I want to be with you Lord... I'm just a broken girl standing before you hoping you can fix me because I have eyes looking up to me. Will you stay with me if I let my kingdoms fall?

That's all for now, until next time stay fabu-lous!

Peace, love and happy shopping

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