Avec amour Jael

Dear little Jael,
Fear not.
The power you admire lies within the palm of your hand.
The strength you've acquired will make you more beautiful with time.
Don't worry about time for your riches are in due time.
Dear little Jael,
listen to your heart, always obey the voice that tells you the truth.
There will be pain, people will abandon you, there will be loneliness
but there will be God!
Don't expect the world to love you,
God chose you!
And sometimes it will seem like the time is right to end it all
but think about how far you've come and you'll gain it all.
Dear little Jael
you're beautiful, believe that because nobody will tell you for a while.
They will all try to find ways to break you one after the other.
They will all try to give you a reason to hate them one after the other, but choose love.
God is love and you can never go wrong with love.
There will come a time when you will be in your darkest hour...
But please baby try and find the sun.
We're all looking to you, we're watching you, if you rise then we rise.
Baby rise for he has already risen.
Dear little Jael
Nothing is the end, but the end is only the beginning.
Open your eyes as painful as it may be, open your eyes.
You deserve peace, open your eyes as daunting as it may seem, open your eyes.
You are the sun, Shine and don't let anyone dull your shine.
I promised you I would write this letter, dear Jael you are all you have.
Be true to yourself and never let yourself drown.
You will make it.
You are strong. I know and soon the world will know.
You are capable, you are enough.
Amour Jael



        That's all for now, until next time stay fabu-lous!

Peace, love and happy shopping

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