I try not to stay alone for too long because the memories comes flooding in like a tidal wave.
Although I know I should be fine with being alone but I can't help but think about what could have been...
A crazy thought came to my mind last night before I drifted off to sleep; what if I could revisit time and change my actions, would your reaction still be the same?
Maybe I'm just too insane
I crave what we once had, your security and reassuring words were what kept me going.
Now I don't even know how to live for me...
How could you let something so beautiful go to waste?
When I got past the pain, the shame and even the disgrace, I blamed you.
It was so much easier to, because it was your mistakes....
But really the fault is in us.
We didn't try hard enough,
We didn't fight hard enough,
We didn't cry hard enough.
We didn't bond hard enough.
The fault is in us!
I've made the decision to move past this and to wait for you but from afar...
I can't be vulnerable like I once was
but I can't be hard like I never was.
Thank you for teaching me a lesson I never thought I would learn from someone like you.
I will forgive...
I have forgiven...
I am alone.

I was recently gifted this dress by my aunt's friend, isn't it adorable? It fits really nice. I decided to pair it with my rose gold platform heels.

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