Hey dolls!
This post is really late I've schedule it to be posted sometime in May I think... Well anyways by the time you're reading this I would have  gotten my life together hopefully... if not then keep praying for me. So my best friend's birthday was April 14th and we went out to this fancy restaurant with a full face beat and being extra as usual. I swear I feel like my pettiness and extra behavior increases by the year. My weekend was pretty lit, we had so much fun being by ourselves and doing stupid things that I can't even remember but all I know is I had a good time and I ate some good food. I rarely praise white people's food but this restaurant was different so I just kept eating. All in all it was a Saturday well spent.

So this extra big headed girl decided she was going to be a thot after I warned her for several weeks to dress like she's representing the lordt. Nobody ever listens to my words of wisdom, so as usual she didn't listen to me and she wore some short shorts from Fashion Nova. Turns out it was cold on Saturday. With my outfit I did what I always do... I made my dress a shirt because who has time to wear an actual shirt right? (EXTRA!!). I don't know about you but I was kind of feeling myself if I'm to be honest. *Winky face* We took a million and one pictures and most of them are not even clear but who cares. #cheerstothefreakingweekend I promise you I'm not high lol.

I'm going to try to link the items below but honestly today is not the day to ask Jael where she got her clothes from. I don't even know to be completely honest.

The jeans are in the side bar on the amazon ad.
Shoes: Jessica Simpson (try looking on Shoedazzle, if no luck try DSW).
Dress: BCBG
Blazer: ZARA (They are out of season though).
Bag: Charming Charlie

Peace, love and happy shopping

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