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I know you're probably wondering "what is this crazy girl up to this time?" I promise it will all make sense so just give a few minutes out of your time. So the picture above is Jael in all her natural skin glory! I started using the right products and my skin is going to town with the natural glow like... Yasss! I mean my melanin has not looked any better, Am I right or am I right?! Ok I'm done here, I'm just gonna introduce this poem and get this show started. 

This is another installment to the Dear Black Girls Series on Wattpad. If you haven't already please check it out and support your girl! Once again thanks to those who started supporting me from the very first poem. I've come a long way since then and I'm so happy because I see how much you guys support me and encourage me to keep encouraging colored girls and girls in general. I really appreciate it. 


By: Jael Perkins

A colored girl's perspective

And then it all begins...

When I am heated and thrown into fire I can't help but hope for the days when I was water and thrown into ice.

When I am odd and it seems like the world is against me,
I can't help but think of the days when I was accepted, when I was appreciated, when I was unapologetically black!

Take me back...

And then the storm is raging in my soul telling me I don't belong.

I am alone, there's nobody home.

My spirit that was once uplifting is nowhere to be seen.

I have become a scene.

But it's all in my head because really I am unseen...

A product of failure based on their words.

I am a colored girl.

Not the kind that lived like a queen all her life, but the kind that kept hearing NO.

And then it all became real...

Rejected by all and being told from every direction I was not enough.

My thighs were too big, my hips were too wide, my lips were too big,  they gave me every reason to hide, and oh my face was too expressive.

They knew strength laid within the sway of my wide hips and the movement of my thick thighs and words from my big lips, and oh they knew my face represented an old kind of beauty.

They knew my magic.

So I am telling you a colored girl is magic.

Not the kind you see a white girl create on television, not the kind you see a white girl exhibit on billboards, not the kind you see in mainstream media... no.

A colored girl's magic is intelligence, wisdom beyond her years, strength beyond her capacity and the ability to love, oh how a colored girl can love.

When her world is falling apart and she has no more life, she gives her life away.

A colored girl's magic is creation, she creates something out of nothing and makes the world wonder how she can defy the odds and survive.
So I am telling you a colored girl is magic.

I am a colored girl and I am magical.

Don't forget to check out Dear Black Girls on Wattpad.

That's all for now, until next time stay fabu-lous!

Peace, love and happy shopping

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