The lies they cut deep with the ties. 

Funny how a handful of lies can change your entire life, isn't it?

These lies that you made me believe are reasons I can't be authentic.
I can't escape the feeling of betrayal when I think that you should've been there, you should've listened, you should've stayed
I don't  know if time can heal my wounds, I've tried but they just keep opening up demanding to be felt.
Maybe one day I'll learn to forgive you with my whole heart, but I can't now because you're the reason everything hurts.
You're the reason my life is  upside down.
Because you chose to tell a lie. In other situations I might have accepted this lie, but not when it turned my life upside down.
Did you think about how I would feel?
I keep thinking I should forgive you, but maybe I'm the one that needs the fogiving.
I held on to your lie for so long that I believed it.
Maybe it's because I wanted to believe that you would never lie to me, or maybe it's because I trusted you.

But you know what they say about trust, once it's broken it can never be fixed.
Maybe I wanted your lies to be true, pathetic but I really did invest my life in you.
Here we are now, trying to fix the lie you told.
Peace, Love and Happy Shopping.

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