Fear is from the imagination. Fear is one of those things I will never understand. Why do we believe what we know is not there? Fear of taking chances, fear of being misunderstood, fear of being accepted, fear of being accomplished, fear of being in a relationship, fear of being enough, having enough and believing enough. We are afraid of fear...
There are a million reasons to be afraid and a million things to be afraid of, but when you think about those things you're afraid of most of them are fabric of our imagination and most times the worst case scenario. Fear is not real, the only reason we believe fear is real is because we let ourselves think so.

We believe that voice in our head that is tells us "NO". What would happen if we stopped missing opportunities because we feel like we're not worthy enough?
What would happen if we accepted love and try being in a relationship forgetting how our last one ended?
What would happen if you chose to love yourself despite all your flaws, appreciate yourself ignoring the comments of others?

There's two kind of fear; the drop everything and run fear  and the be sacred but endure it kind of fear. I have been asked more times than I can count what my biggest fear is.  My automatic response every time was failure, but after several months of deep thinking I realized that I'm not afraid of failure, I'm afraid of success. I've experienced small scale successes nothing huge and I think my fear is when I do experience that large scale success I won't know what to do with it. My fear I have realized is not from me but my environment... Because I grew up in a poverty environment all I heard when I was growing up was what I couldn't do. It made me believe that being successful was a crime.

Fear is from our imagination... Do what you've always wanted to do and see what happens.

Anyways I'm not here to talk about fear, as you can probably tell from the title my motivation for this post is our planet; Earth.

We take everything in nature for granted, the trees, air, animals and nature.
We in America are so fortunate to have the freedom we have. Since the inauguration of our new president there have been protests all over the nation which I understand because many people are scared. We all are fighting for what we believe in, doing what we think is right by our standards. We are protesting to make our voices heard but sometimes I question if we know what our voice is and what we stand for or if we're just following the crowd... There have been many injustice to people of color from the very beginning of time. Colored people have gotten used to the "New America" courtesy of our former first family and now we don't want to go back to the way things were...

I have always been the one to say Earth is big enough for everyone to shine and live in peace but our history has said otherwise. We are continuously trying to bring others down to get to where we want to be. We oppress people because we're afraid they'll be more superior than us. We fight pointless wars killing innocent souls for foolishness. What have become of us humans? Why have we forgotten that no one owns this earth but the one that created it? If anything we owe this planet.

We have destroyed it's resources brutalized it's inhabitants and destroyed everything that we see good about it, soon there will be no earth. We have destroyed everything we were put in charge to guard and protect. The poor animals... The poor indigenous people of the lands we have taken over, the poor soldiers that died from stupid wars that could have been prevented. This poor earth! This poor earth we have polluted, damaged. and abused. This poor earth that we didn't love in return. Our poor earth...

What would happen if we showed earth love in return, if we tried to repair the damage we have caused. Love others the way we should, put others before ourselves... Earth would be the way it's suppose to be... peaceful.

That's all for now, until next time stay fabu-lous!

Peace, love and happy shopping

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