An apple typically has broad shoulders, full breast, round tummy, slim hips, shorter torso, and longer legs. An apple may sometimes lack waist definition. 

V-neck tops are a "do" for apples because it gives them the opportunity to flaunt what they have. Most apples have fuller breasts which is an advantage.

Bootleg pants are perfect for apples because it offers comfort. Most apple body shape have wide calves which makes it almost impossible if not uncomfortable to fit skinny jeans.

Long jackets or Cardigans are good for apples because it takes the attention away from the problem area which is the fuller stomach.

Wrap dresses with detailing at the torso helps show off your curves without showing too much of your problem areas.

Belted jacket below the waist is good for an apple because it offers comfort and compliments your body shape.

Dark solid colors are good an apple because it helps make them appear thinner and also hides their problem areas.


Bodycon dresses, shirts and what so ever are not good for an apple because it draws unnecessary attention to your problem areas.

Body-fitting knitwear hugs your curves in the wrong places.

Short skirts are not a good fit for apples because they are known to have shorter legs. 

Clingy tops are not a good fit for apples because they take away the attention from the curves and  focus on the stomach area.

High necklines also take away the attention from the curves.

Embellishment near the waist are not a good fit for apples because they draw attention to the waist and stomach area.


  • Choose a jacket that fits your shoulder and upper torso.

  • Wear a belt to the narrowest part of your waist.

  • structured coats and zipper in skirts helps form a silhouette  on your body.

Stay away from baggy and oversized clothes.

Remember your shape is perfect just the way it is.

Peace, love and happy shopping

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