First off I got this purse as a graduation present last year June. 
This is my first "adult" handbag if you know what I mean. Today I'm going to show what I carry around in this adult purse of mine. 

I love a strong leather bag with a firm zipper it makes me feel like my things are secure. I don't always have my wallet in my bag I usually keep my card somewhere else or carry cash.

I have been walking around with my prayer book from New years eve. I haven't had time to sort my things out. I always have lotion because I'm always ashy #darkskingirlproblems. Winter does not play with my skin so I always have to be prepared. 

The rest of the things I carry is pretty much necessities like my charger, phone, lip gloss, perfume, and transit card for when I get stuck downtown, a pen because I never know where I might find inspiration. My days of carrying a sketchpad around is long gone, so I just take a pen instead.

What do you carry in your purse?

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Peace, love and happy shopping

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