Dear familiar face,
You look like her from far away.
You look like a girl I use to know.
This girl was beautiful, courageous, brave and beautifully dark.

She was a brilliant one, her mother raised her right.
She had a home.

She told her mama  "I'll be somebody important one day."

If only she had believed her words and not the deceit of this world.
There was a girl I use to know.
That girl was full of hate from the father that never loved her 
and family that always looked down on her.
Isn't that obsurd?
Someone so beautiful could be so scared.

She was an African queen, so rich in culture and divine in every way skin so bright like a diamond.
I once knew a girl that was brave and strong.

She was very head strong, she ran after life with not a moment to spare.
We waited a life long to meet her.
She was a black goddess, beautiful in all her shape and form.
There was a girl I knew that was once pure,
But she was broken by the world, torn in pieces and tossed to the side.
I once knew a girl that lived in disappointment, she was so fragile and vulnerable.
Her poor heart kept getting broken over and over again, but she was a pure one, always seeing the best in people. Learning to trust and forgive.
I once knew a girl who un-purposely lived a lie, believing she was less than who she was meant to be.
Forgetting her crown and her kingdom, she lived in this world of hurt and lies.
Dear familiar face you look like her from far away.
I once knew a girl, who learned to be happy.
You look like her from far away.

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