It's been a while since I've done a storytime. I feels like its been forever!
This story though I could not pass out on telling. It's funny as hell and I  just so  happen to remember it right in time for the holidays.Yay!! my memory doesn't totally suck.

So as most of you know I was born and raised in Africa for most of my life. Christmas for me was a little bit different than America. We don't believe in santa, the tooth fairy or all that fancy stuff. We Africans live a simple uncomplicated life. I started believing in Santa when I moved to the united states. My mom told me that Santa was the one that brought all the christmas presents under the tree while we slept.

I was very puzzled by this "santa" I kept wondering why he always got me what I wanted for christmas without me even telling him. One year "he" got me a pair of pajamas I wanted really bad and an eyeshadow palette. I mean Santa always went to town with my presents. I started to think maybe this Santa isn't bad at all. 

When My baby brother started walking and talking my sister and I told him about this Santa and how he's been good to us always giving us presents and stuff. Of course he didn't know what we were talking about because he was only 2 at the time but that didn't matter. We made him watch ABC's Family 25 days of christmas with us. We ate cookies, sang about Santa and danced around the house to christmas classics. Life was good.😊😊

Christmas eve was when we had the most fun because mom was never home. It was never suspicious that she would leave the house  christmas eve evening and wouldn't come home till we were asleep. My dad never cared much about christmas or any holiday so we never suspected he would be the one buying us presents. His duty for the entire christmas season was to help us put the tree up and decorate it for christmas. After that he wouldn't be needed till New years lol.  This was what my family did every year until one year when we caught my mom wrapping our presents.

I wasn't mad for some weird reason but my sister was. My sister and I promised to never tell our brother that Santa is fake until he was old enough to find out on his own. He recently told me that he doesn't believe in Santa and I asked him why he said because he doesn't believe that one person can deliver that many presents in one night. I suppose he has a point but.. I still told him that Santa is real because anything is possible. I know I was wrong but I felt weird not reassuring him. He's 7 now and has decided by himself that he still doesn't not believe in Santa regardless of what I say. I can't really blame him.

What is your santa story? When did you find out Santa was not real?

That's all for now, until next time stay fabu-lous!

Peace, love and happy shopping

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