Hey dolls!
I have heard every good and bad things everyone has said about adult life but none of those things could prepare me for my very first experience. 

Betrayal is REAL y'all like there's nothing more painful than being betrayed by the one you love the most. The one you chose over everybody... It hurts.

Anyways.. As you all know I started UNI in the middle of August. Just to clear up any confusion I was attending college last school year but I was still enrolled in high school but I was attending a community college. I took some general courses and just kinda hung out there for a few months.
College is way more harder than I thought. The homework load is real! I've heard people say that college students pinch pennies, but I didn't believe that till this very moment in my life happened. I've been surviving by a dollar a day. Literally that's how real my struggle is, why the hell is food on campus so damn tasty and  expensive? 
I'm just kind of trying to work out a plan to save and make money. (My subscribers are open to help me. I might start a go fund me like seriously.)

Anyways that is one of the major things that's currently going on in my life. Also I got the drive, energy, fuel, and inspiration to start a new collection so I'm currently working on that. I'm so excited for the end results! It's gonna be awesome. That's pretty much all that's going on in my life...

Til next time xoxo

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