Hey dolls!
Hope you're having a lovely day? I just wanted to drop by and share that outfit with you all.

A few days ago my Mom's best friend got married and I attended her wedding. I usually am not fond of fall and winter weddings because I always have the problem of not knowing what to wear  to the occasion. This wedding was no different. I plundered though my closet trying to find something decent to wear, I searched and searched and searched. At last I found this black feather dress. I decided to settle on it and let my mind rest. 





I finally had time to properly beat my face and of course I went a little crazy. I was inspired by the reverse red and gold smoky eye look. It's like a subtle fall look. 


That's all for now, until next time stay fabu-lous!

Peace, love and happy shopping



  1. Love the bottom of that dress - also your makeup is awesome!!

    Emma | With A City Dream

  2. Gorgeous dress!! The feathers make it so fun :D Also that earring you have on is super cool, totally love the look babe <3

    1. Thanks! Checked out your blog and it's really awesome 👏 . Thanks for stopping by.

  3. Thanks. I know I love the feathers on the dress, it's so pretty. Thanks for stopping by.


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