Crave is more than just a word to me. 
Sometimes I wonder if there is more to this life than just the usual routine. I've always wonder about life after death, is it real? if it is what happens next? I think my problem is I think too much and want too much out of life. I crave something so deep and intense that it even scares me. I don't know how to explain it but, I crave something more than this world can satisfy. 

 My relationship with God is exactly what  I crave. I'm so precious to him that he took his time to attend to my every need. I feel so unworthy of his love, yet  he doesn't stop loving me.  I feel so filthy in his presence, yet he doesn't push me away. He said he loves me unconditionally and truly he's shown that and more and in a way that's what I crave. 

I crave a love so deep that it'll make the ocean jealous. A bond so strong  that it'll impossible to separate. Those are some of the things I crave in life. I'm afraid this world can't offer those things to me. Which then leads me to Christ. It's still confusing how something/someone so simple can please me to this point, but something about his love is so peaceful and reassuring that it almost makes me feel like it's normal to crave these things.

I'm not much of a philosopher or anything of that nature, I'm just a thinker, a really deep thinker. At times it's a problem, but sometimes it's not. This is the easiest way I can share my thoughts with you all. Thanks for reading if you have a question or suggestion on what my next rant should be about please feel free to email me @simplyjaelicousfashion@gmail.com. I'm always open to suggestions.

What are some of the things you crave?

That's all for now, until next time stay Fabu_lous! 


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