My eating habits are sometimes not the healthiest, but I do try to eat clean when I can.  About six months ago l decided to go organic. It was one the best things I've done for myself. After I got signed to the modeling agency I realized that I'm really out of shape. It's not that I think I'm fat, I just really wanted to change my diet and exercise more to have a fit image.   I wanted to be a vegan when I first learned about GMOs, but it didn't work out. After that I was just kind of stuck in between junk food and organic food, but I decided to make a transition  to organic food in November of 2015. It's really expensive so since then I've been kind of in between with other healthy foods.

My grandma introduced me to Quinoa. I love it! It has been a really good substitute for rice. As a Liberian rice is essential to all out dishes. Instead of eating rice nowadays I just eat Quinoa instead.  I sometimes eat it with bake fish and vegetables. 

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