I've always wondered about change. How would it look like? How can it happen? who can make it happen? and why do we want change. I've been stuck on the last question for some years now and maybe it's because I'm prideful and won't seek answers from others or maybe it's because I just can't explain it.  Growing up as a child I was always told to that I would bring change to my family and nation. I grew up in extreme poverty, and before you question my previous sentence allow me to explain poverty and extreme poverty. poverty: when you're poor but is still able to somehow survive. Extreme poverty: When survival is a problem and your next meal is uncertain.

I didn't understand  why I had to bring change. Why couldn't everyone bring change? Aren't we all as equally powerful? I mean I've heard a thousand times that we can change the world. Why would my family be waiting for me to change their situation? Why can't they fight and strive and find a better life for themselves? These were all the questions that bombarded me for years. I never quite understood the concept of change or wanting change. I always felt satisfied in my situation. Frankly my situation wasn't a sittuation till I found out it was. What I'm saying is that I didn't know I was poor until I was told that I was poor , I mean even then it didn't make sense. I didn't understand that it wasn't normal to not have your next meal planned. Change for me has always been confusing, I never understood why I had to be the one to make it happen.

And this is how I think about society as well. Why does first world countries try to go to Africa to help Africans  live up to their standards. Have we ever asked them if they want to abandon their culture, identity, and traditions to be "Americanized". We've never asked but we just assume that's what they want all in the name of help. That's the thing that scares me the most about change, how much are we changing the world for the better, or are we just trying to make the third world countries meet our standards of life. I don't really know, this is where I get confused.

I've come to realize though that change can be anything you want it to be. You don't have to go out there and cure cancer for people to see you as a person of change. The smallest things I think is what matters the most. For example be nice to someone can turn their entire day around.

I'm not much of a philosopher or anything of that nature, I'm just a thinker, a really deep thinker. At times it's a problem, but sometimes it's not. This is the easiest way I can share my thoughts with you all. Thanks for reading if you have a question or suggestion on what my next rant should be about please feel free to email me @simplyjaelicousfashion@gmail.com. I'm always open to suggestions.

As always thanks for stopping by.

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  1. Very deep posts. Got me thinking as well. I always believed from a very young age I will bring change one way or another to my country, I still believe so at this age even though i am just a random girl trying to follow her dreams. It certainly is weird, the concept of "Change", and you are right, small things to grow to because bigger things one day, every step of crawl is a change, and its often hard to see the bigger picture. I grew up in poverty too and in my situation, I knew we were poor, emotionally, physically and all of me, knew and felt poor, I get so scared to go back to that same place and forget to see how far we/i have come.
    Love your blog.



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