Happy mother's day everyone!!
The image above is my mother and I (I know she looks like my sister). Where do I start talking about her?

My mother is the most beautiful person I know, although we have our differences but my mother is awesome. She is my solid rock and apparently the only person that can knock some sense into me. My mother is beautiful both inside and out, I remember how she use to say she loves me everytime she would drop me off to school. It's not much but it's those small things that I'm thankful for.

She has been my mother, father, and best friend. My mother works day and night to make ends meet and I'm so grateful to have a strong, hardworking. Goal oriented, funny, beautiful, kind, amazing and sweet mother. People like her only come once in a lifetime and I'm glad she came to me.

Happy mother's day everyone.

P.s. this outfit was Styled by me. The makeup was also done by me 


As always thanks for stopping by.

That's all for now, until next time stay Fabu_lous! 

Simply Jaelicous 

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