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DO slowly transition with bright colors

Wear a neutral color outfit and slowly add bright colored accessories. like a pink scarf or lime green earrings.

DO make plaid work!

Many will disagree on this, but plaid is a versatile pattern. It can be worn in both winter and summer because it easily adapts to the weather.

DO layer up when showing legs

Remember that while it looks like summer it doesn't exactly feel like summer. When finding an outfit remember this method because it'll help you stay warm.

DO learn to love black leggings

Black leggings is a essential for me whenever it's spring time. I like to kind of  up cycle my old dresses and re wear them during spring. I always wear black leggings underneath them.

DON'T bring out the flip flops just yet

I personally don't like flip flops, I hate the way it makes my feet feels, but that's besides the point. Flip flops are to be worn in the summer because it's hot then, not spring.

DON'T start wearing sun dresses just yet

Avoiding sun dresses like a plague. It's not the season for it, if you do decide to wear one layer up. Add a sweater, leggings and maybe a scarf.

DON'T show too much skin

It's not time yet, this outfit is a perfect example of a summer outfit not spring.

That's all for now, until next time stay Fabu_lous! 


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