Spring is finally here (well sorta) and its time to tuck away your dreary winter clothes and get ready for spring. So, how do you transition your wardrobe from winter to spring? Simply Jaelicous is here to the rescue. In this post I'm going to talk about a few transition essential pieces and also some spring outfits do's and don'ts. 

Spring is a really tricky time of the year, even though the weather is warmer it's not all the way summer yet. That's where we get confused and start wearing summer clothes.

This post is going to be a two part post, in this part I'll talk about the essential pieces and colors and in the next post I'll talk about the do's and don'ts. Shall we get started?

Statement pieces

When transitioning to a spring wardrobe statement pieces are very important. A statement necklace never fails to bring out the beauty of an outfit same for shoes and accessories.

Statement Jackets

Springtime is time for you to ditch the trench coats and find something lighter and springyer  to wear. When finding a statement jacket always ask yourself if it'll make you feel warm and fabulous, if yes then go for it.

Light cotton shirt

Spring weather can be a little tricky, most days it rains and when it's not raining it's really chilly. When styling an outfit a cotton shirt is an essential, it doesn't only acts as an extra layer of clothing it helps you stay covered up.

A pop of spring happy color

This is something everybody should know by now, but if you don't then you know now. It's probably the wisest thing to do for this kind of season.

Leather jacket substitute

When transitioning to a spring wardrobe it is important to lose the leather jacket and find something lighter, like a cardigan. 

Replace dark colors with light BOLD prints


When transitioning to a spring wardrobe it is very important to  add colors and print. Spring is all about bright colors and print, if you're not transitioning that way then you're doing it wrong.

Cropped Pieces

Cropped Pieces are not so much of an essential. Think of it as an accessory that can complete your already made outfit.

Layer up when showing some legs


Go to town with colorful shoes


Learn to love black leggings


Chambray shirt

Rain boots

That's all for now until next time stay Fabu_lous!

Peace, love and happy shopping.

Simply Jaelicous

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