Hey everyone!!
I love tags! Hashtags, youtube tags, tag tags(lol).
But seriously I love tags and for some reason I'm never tagged in them to do one, like this tag. But I'm doing it anyways. so let's get started.

1. What are you wearing? 
A winter coat and hoodie with some sweats.

2. Ever been in love? 
No never, I heard it's terrifying.

3. Ever had a terrible breakup? 
Well no, but I'm looking forward to it. *cue the evil laugh*
4. How tall are you? 5ft 5in.
5. How much do you weigh? 130lbs (On a good day. just kidding)
6. Any tattoos? No

7. Any piercings? Does my eyes count?

8. Your favourite fictional couple? 
Charlotte and Brandon Maxfield from the Mischievous Mrs. Maxfield. ( Read it here

9. Favourite show? America's Next Top Model.

10. Favourite bands? For king and country. ( I'm obsessed!)

11. Something you miss? 
I miss my country Liberia and all my friends and cousins.   

12. Favourite song? 
Um... There's so many!! making me choose is evil.

13. How old are you? my birthday is loading...

14. Zodiac sign? I don't do zodiac signs.

15. Quality you look for in a partner? 
Confidence, charm and stability. (The list actually goes on, but you know.)

16: Favourite Quote? 
I don't have a favorite quote, but I do love phonomenal Woman by Maya Angelou. 

17: Favourite actor? Lupita N'yongo

18: Favourite colour? Purple, occasionally yellow.

19: Loud music or soft? Demands on my mood. Most days soft.

20: Where do you go when you’re sad? I go to my room.

21: How long does it take you to shower? 30-50 minutes.

22: How long does it take you to get ready in the morning? Most days 5-10 minutes. I'm trying to live a simple life now.

23: Ever been in a physical fight? 
Yes, many physical fights. I'm not very proud of it though.

24: Turn on? Confidence.
25: Turn off? Bragging.

26: The reason you joined YouTube? 
I needed to grow my fanbase from blogger to youtube. (subscribe to my youtube channel)

27: Fears? failure.

28: Last thing that made you cry? God's goodness in my life.

29: Last time you said you loved someone? three minutes ago. (P.s. it was to my best friend.)

30: Meaning behind your Blogging Name? 
 My name is Jael and most people say I'm sassy, 
so the name Jaelicous came to mind and I just added simply.

31: Last book you read?  The fault in our stars.

32: The book you’re currently reading?
 I know why the caged birds sing by Maya Angelou.

33: Last show you watched? Mary Mary. 

34: Last person you talked to?My best friend.

35: The relationship between you and the person you last texted? My sister.

36: Favourite foods? Quinoa and fried plantains with shrimp.

37: Place you want to visit? Paris, France.

38: Last place you were? Wisconsin.

39: Do you have a crush? Yes myself erh.. I mean no.

40: Last time you kissed someone? ....

41: Last time you were insulted?  A week ago on Google plus.

42: Favourite flavour of sweet? Strawberry.

43: What instruments do you play? I use to play the guitar in the sixth grade.

44: Favourite piece of jewellery? (Right here!)

45: Last sport you played? VolleyBall.

46: Last song you sang? I love you, by P square. (Listen Here

47: Favourite chat up line? I don't have one.

48: Have you ever used it? Above.

49: Last time you hung out with anyone? Maybe two weeks ago with an old friend of mine.

50: Who should answer these questions next? Anyone!!!

That's all for now, hopefully you have an idea of what my life is like. See in my next post!

Peace, Love and happy shopping


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