Hey everyone,
Thanks for viewing. I'm finally going to finish up the Q&A session. (Woohoo!) 
I'm going to do another q&a few weeks from now so you can send in your questions at simplyjaelicousfashion@gmail.com. Ask me anything!! 
Shall we get started?

1. What are three things that turn you off?
Horrible singing,
Too much talking.

2. Two turn ons?
Great cook,

3. Phobia?
I  don't think I have phobias. 

4. Celebrity crush?
Tiwa Savage, Lupita N'yongo and Jennifer lawrence.

5. Would you rather smoke or drink?
What kind of nonsense question is that?
(Lol) neither. I prefer to stay sober through life.

6. Favorite movie and why?
*inhales* ok so my current favorite movie is A walk to remember. I like is because um.. I don't know. I just like it because I do!

7. What's your real name? 
Jael perkins.

8. Favorite band?
For king and country.

9. Favorite music artist?
Moriah peters

10. Embarrassing memory?
I wrote a post about this (read it here)

 11. What's the last thing you ate?
Rice and chicken.

12. Last text recieved?
From my mom. (It was an African mom moment. Lol I got full instructions on my what I'm suppose to be doing at home.)

13. Four things you love?
And fashion.

14. Four things you hate?
Fake friends 
Sharing my food(sadly, oh.. wait this totally depends on the person.)
Over sleeping.

15. Random fact about yourself?
I'm a organic freak! I love organic food.
(Random fact: I sometimes like to think I have a successful singing career.)

16. Three people you miss?
My cousin,
My first ever best friend princess
My childhood friends.

17. Tattoos you want?
I don't think I'll get any tattoos I'm ok the way I am.

18. Something you regret?
 I always regret overeating when I start dieting. (It's a consistent struggle.)

19. What would wish for at 11:11
More booty (lol just kidding) 
world peace. We're desperately in
 need of it.

20. What's the craziest thing you've ever done?
 I honestly don't know. Oh.. wait I twerked in class a few months ago. Mind you it was one of those slow embarrassing ones. Lol I thought I was cool in the midst of white girls with no booty. (P.s. it was a total accident any african would understand 
this situation perfectly.)

21. What's the best thing that ever happened to you?
God. (Still in need of more of him.)

That's all for now until next time stay Fabu_lous!

Peace, love, and happy shopping. 

Simply Jaelicous 

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