Happy weekend! Fellow humans. Hopefully you had an awesome week like me. Today's outfit is very "summery". The weather has been so nice lately it's just unbelievable. Knowing this weather we might have a snow storm soon. Fingers crossed that this weather makes it to March atleast.

I recently decided to go natural hence why I took out my extensions a few weeks ago. If you read my Valentine's day post then you know what I'm talking about.

Let's talk about this outfit shall we? Well I mentioned in another post I wrote about seven months ago that overall makes me feel beautiful.  That's basically what's going on right here. I decided to pair this overall with a cheetah print  crop top because I was craving print. This is the time of the year where you don't see a lot of print and patterns, it's mostly just solid colors. I personally love print and patterns so I don't let the season restrict me on how and when to wear it. That's pretty much how this outfit came to be, no fancy story today.

 |Denim overall: Jcpenny| |Shoes: ALDO| |Crop Top: Forever 21| |Jewelry: My mom's closet|

That's pretty much all for today.  See you my next post, until then stay Fabu_lous!!


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