Hey everyone!!
Happy new week. I finally got around to doing a makeup routine. I wouldn't say it's a everyday Makeup Routine because I don't wear makeup everyday.

My makeup routine goes a little like this:

Primer: I apply Primer for moisture, its like the holy grail of my makeup routine.

Foundation: I have a dark skinned girl problem. (And yes that is a thing) After few months back I went foundation shopping in hopes to find a foundation that would match my skin tone. I had no luck, so I decided to buy a foundation a shade daRiker than my skintone and mix it with a lighter one. #darkskinstruggles.

Mascara: I usually apply two to three coats of mascara to make sure my lashes long longer.

Eyeshadow/Contour: I contour with my semi sweet chocolate bar.  I know this is beyond ghetto but hey, I spent a lot of money on that palette.

Brows: For my brows, I just use a brown brow pencil to shape my brows.

Bronzer: I use the bronzer to enhance my highlight.

Blending: When I'm done I blend everything together and this is the finished look.

That's all for now, until next time stay Fabu_lous!!!


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