Hey everyone!! 
Welcome to another month in review post. January for me was the great start to the new year. I distanced myself from people I didn't need, fell in love with christ again and basically learned to forgive people who are undeserving. I loved hard this month and got the same in return. Was it easy? No it wasn't but with time and growth I got to that level.

This month I used my time wisely to achieve set goals and other things that would benefit me in the long run. From time to time things was stressful, but I learned to look to the one who makes all things new. I even started a devotion collection on my Google Plus page. I continued writing Confessions of a Fashionista and I'm stating to feel okay with it now.

I started a youtube channel a few weeks ago and I feel great to finally go through with all my promises. I love the process. I've been getting back and I hope to continue to do more videos. For me I feel like the videos shouldn't be about views and responses, but about how much fun you have and how much it helps you grow as a person and that's why I'm into this.

Thanks for tuning in see you next time.

Until next time, stay fab_lous!!

Peace, love, and happy shopping.



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