Hello Everyone!!
I have been having the worst week ever, everything is upside down and just not going the way I planned. I would love to stop life and just breathe, but I can't even do that. Maybe I need a vacation, but life won't permit me to do that. 
Enough with my rant, how have you guy's week been going? Comment below and let's talk.

While searching on Google at 12am a few days ago (Don't ask me why) I found this article type thing and it was basically a list of things to do when you're sad. After reading the list I was inspired to write my  own in hopes that it'll cheer up anyone that's having a bad day or week.


I am a strong believer of Christ. Whenever I'm sad to the point of tears I always find a corner and vent to God. I cry my eyes out every time and sit in complete silence. Sometimes while sitting in the silence I find peace. I just sit there and listen to him speak or sometimes say nothing at all. I leave his presence feeling refreshed and accomplished. 

Favorite bible verse: Isaiah:43:4
"Since you are precious and honored in my sight,
    and because I love you,
I will give people in exchange for you,
    nations in exchange for your life."


Sometimes dancing when you're sad or even the thought of dancing is hard. It's always hard for me to just forget everything and just let lose, but when I do it's a beautiful thing. I love to dance because it makes me feel like that's the only thing I have left. I tell myself they can take everything I have, but as long as I have two feet and a mouth I'll praise.


Call a friend, by friend I mean someone you can trust to tell your problems to. I use to do this before I realized that I was surrounded by fake people. I learned that somethings are better left unsaid. I do however have a friend that I talk to on a regular basis, we share all our problems, cry and vent. Every time I talk to her I just feel so relieved like a burden has been lifted off my shoulders.

Focus your energy on something that'll benefit you. It's a very hard thing to do when all you want to do is cry. Whenever I'm frustrated or just done with everything, I go to my room and find inspiration. I work until I can start feeling better about everything.

Find your self while you have the time, observe the things you do and see if the reaction is the reason of your anger.

That's all the tips I have for now! Until next time stay fabu-lous!

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