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Today's post is about something we all deal with and have problems with, time.
Time is very important and how we spend our time is even more important. Sometimes we tend to make time for things that does not benefit us in the long run. The question is what are you really doing with your time?

The school year has started and some people have made a resolution to be focused, get their work done, stay away from bad friends and so on. We keep those resolutions for a few weeks of school and then we turn to doing what we didn't actually plan. Like I said before using your time wisely. Before you socialize with your friends, think to yourself how has this person impacted my life?  How have they encouraged me to be the better version of myself? How have they supported me in my achievements?

My time schedule is all over the place. I'm busy one day and the next day I just decide to be a bum. So  my schedule goes something like this; I wake up at 5:30 am, go to school and get out by 2:45.
I get home by 3:00 sometimes 3:30 depending on traffic. I eat at 4:00, sometimes blog at 5:00 or 6:00. Start making products for my online store by 7pm, I don't get done until sometimes 10pm. From there I start doing my homework and studying up to 11pm. 11:30 I socialize with my friends, 12 pm I pray and go to bed. That's my schedule Monday to Friday. So you can imagine, I have no time for myself or what so ever. It just insane, but it really pays off. Friday evenings have become my pamper days. After a long week, I take a bath and just wine down and relax.

What I usually do before my day starts is make a list of things that I have to accomplish before the day is over. I go through my day giving time to what is really important and I end up finishing my day with a list full of check marks. I end up accomplishing more things when the day is done. Like right now I planned to take a nap to get myself together, that's how I'm able to finish this post.

The key  to controlling your schedule is giving time or making time for what is important and is going to be beneficial in the long run. It helps you accomplish a lot and helps you stay organized.

Thanks for reading until next time stay Fabu-lous

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