Hello everyone!!
Hope you're having a fantastic week. My week has been bittersweet.
My week started off bitter and just horrible, I had some skin problems and some burns on my face earlier in the week. It was very horrible, I'm the type of person that's very confident in the way I  look and I have learned to accept myself over the years. It really broke me when I looked in the mirror and thought of myself as ugly, it took me back to where I was four years ago. It was very traumatic. I finally learned to accept myself just yesterday. I learned from this experience that beauty should be based on your character, heart, mind, intelligence and not just looks. This was a very interesting learning experience. Something that'll take me a long way.

My week is starting to go the way I planned, thank God!! It has been a continuous turn up every night at my church it's the most amazing ever!! We have Dare David coming in from Nigeria tomorrow. If you live in Minnesota you can come visit us.

Praise week started on Monday. You can watch online @
Address: 6601 shingle creek, Minneapolis mn 55428
This praise week program has really helped me raise my spirits.  I feel amazing and can't wait for this weekend, just to relax and enjoy God's presence.
(P.S. the burns are gone now, all thanks to a magic facial brush I got from Walmart. I'll be doing a product review soon. It's so amazing.)

That's all for now see you next time, until then stay fab-lous!

Peace, love and happy shopping.



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