"But I say unto which hear, love your do them which hate you, bless them that curse you, and pray for them which despitefully use you." --Luke:6:27-28


I think everyone can agree with me when I say high school is the absolute worst place to be. They literally packed a bunch of hormonal teenage girls and boys in one building and expect them to survive. Girls are the absolute worst when it comes to getting along. I'm guilty of picking fights with other girls just for the hell of it. I would say that it was hormones, but I rather not lie. Some girls are so mean to the point that you want to kill them literally, on top of al this drama there's boys and teachers.

Teachers are okay for the first week of school until they start handing out homework. And there's the ones who don't understand you have a life.I had a teacher in the 9th grade that devoted her life to make me miserable, homework over homework over homework. Funny thing is I was failing her math class. You guys know how math is. So she basically failed me and told my mom that I was being a distraction in class, my mom being the typical African mom believed her and I got in trouble. A short while later she had to take her maternity leave and she got fired afterwards.


I am ashamed to say this, but at one point in time I was a mean girl. Only because I had to be. Bullies and bully is not joke. I used to be so skinny and not the best looking girl, so I got bullied for that. When I finally found myself in christ I felt different and I just couldn't let people take advantage of me, hence why I was a trouble maker.  I was the called "the fighter" in my squad. My cousin would pick the fights and I would fight the person, that how things was until I met my match.

 I received the whopping of my life and from then on I stopped fighting and learned to use my mouth as a weapon. That's been working for me even up to now. That's how I survived elementary school, middle school and High school. I mean now I know better than to insult a stranger unless they offend then that's a different story.


I remember in 6th grade when everyone started getting their periods and I was a "late bloomer". As seen in the image above I was young for my age and I was  a really smart kid so I started the 6th grade when I was ten years old. I was  the youngest and I got made fun of for that. But I don't regret it one bit, because I met my best friend there and we're still friends even now. So periods and hormones were on the rise. 

I didn't experience hormones until high school and they were the worst!! I was this moody, hormonal teenage girl that was mean to everyone. Even my friends and not long after that I think three days before my thirteenth birthday, my period came. At that time I was a freshman in high school. I honestly thought I was the coolest person ever. I though I was on the same level as the big girls and tried to do big girls things, (nothing nasty if you know what I mean) that's when boys came in the picture.

Like I said before I didn't think I was that attractive, I was going through a typical "I hate my life teenage girl thing". When a boy told me for the first time I was beautiful. It was so amazing to hear  that after everything I've been through. He stood there staring at me deeply and I knew what he was going to do, but I wasn't ready.  He tried to kiss me and that's when I knew everything was a lie and I basically have to grow some balls and protect myself, tell myself I'm beautiful when no one does. That how became protective of myself. 

I later learned that this happened to some of my friends and that's just amazing how teenage boys can treat girls. Let's just say after that I didn't have much of a love life and even now I still don't date, I just think it's a waste of my time. I want to date a man not a boy. Boys are too much work!!! Don't ever fool yourself by saying you can turn a boy into a man. Child  leave it to hollywood and the movies. This is real life!!


In the end I can say it gets better. If you're just starting high school I honestly bad for you,(Ok all jokes aside) high school is not too bad if you learn to mind your business and just be QUIET. (Ok so part of this advice is for me.)
It's going to be hard, but you meet really great friends in high school and they change the way you see things. After all the drama, fights, hormones, boys and homework it gets better. I promise. 

Here's a tip for those being bullied; learn to speak up. I understand this is hard to do, but I promise it'll save you. It saved me, when I finally found my value, everything they said to and about me didn't affect me as much. It save my life!! Honestly speaking, life is not all sugar and honey, but if you use the stones that are thrown at you to build a castle, people would be amazed and want to be like you. 

That's all for now. Remember you are beautiful and don't let anyone tell you otherwise. 

That's all for now, until next time stay Fabu_lous

Peace, love, and happy shopping.



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