Product review: My acne journey


Hello beautiful people. Today's topic is about my acne journey and the products that I've used to get to where I am. My acne journey started in the fall of 2013, at the time I didn't use any chemicals on my face or body. When the acne came it came all at once, I went from not having to having a face full of acne. I was so confused, I tried every product you can possibly think of Neutrogena, Olay, Mary Kay and much more. I even tried home remedies and that worked for a while , but after 3 weeks of using home remedies my acne started to come back. After that I completely gave up for 6 months, I went from being having nice skin to dry and patchy skin. Let's just say I wasn't in the best place at that time. I was very insecure and sensitive.


As you can imagine I stayed indoors not wanting to participate in anything. I did this for awhile.
A few months after my mom bought me a cup of west African black soap and she instructed me to use it as a facial cleanser along with Nadinola fading lotion. A week of this treatment I started to see some changes nothing major though. I started to see major chances in 3 months and since then my skin has improved and gone back to normal.


3 months later

6 months later

2 years of use

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