Hi dollies, today's post is going to be a little bit different which you can probably tell by the title. I'm going to talk about self confidence and how to get it. This topic is really touchy for me but I feel like it's something that I have to talk about, since we're still on that getting to know you level. So let's get down to business...

TIP #1


In this present generation I have noticed what we have the most problem with. We fail to appreciate ourselves or see ourselves as somebody that's worthy of anything good. Through that thoughts we grow up to become corrupt adults and when we get the opportunity we try to change ourselves. The biggest problem that we fail to see is that we try to please others and in doing that we lose ourselves. We are not meant to please others or live up to their standards, this is something I learned a few years ago. Trying to please somebody will not do anything to you but leave you low and in the end it's not worth it. The most beautiful thing about appreciating yourself is that you know that you are enough and no one can tell you otherwise.

TIP #2


This is something that I'm guilty of and as much as I'm not a fan of it, it's something that have to be done in order to move forward. Letting go of the past was the hardest thing for me especially if somebody from your past hurt you. It's hard to forgive or even look at that person the same but you have to. It's so painful knowing that they hurt you and you have to forgive them, but the truth is if you don't you can never move forward with your life. In life there are stages that we have to go through to appreciate what we have. Always remember that you can never appreciate the sun if you haven't seen the moon. It takes darkness to know light.

 TIP #3


Self respect is the most important of all. When you respect yourself others will respect you. My mother always told me that if I don't value myself nobody would me as a price. As much as I hated hearing that everyday I came to learn that that's the truth. Self respect is the way you speak, how you carry yourself and even the people to associate with. There's a parable that says one rotten apple ruins the whole bunch. Be aware of who you call your friends because not everyone have the same intentions as you and also know them very well because you don't want to be labeled as something you are not. 

TIP #4


When you believe in yourself you won't let anybody belittle you or tell you your dream is not good enough. When you believe in yourself you fully understand that nobody cares about your destiny or your calling, but your daily goal is to prove your doubters wrong and bring that destiny to manifestation . On the road to your self discovery you will lose a lot of people both friends and enemies, but God being God will always place the people that you really need for survival in your life. Believing in yourself helps you stay strong and have courage.

TIP #5


Society is very cruel and always has a way of making you feel lesser than your are. People will mock you, ridicule you, and try to change you. I've been there, I've through things that somebody my age should never have to go through. But the most you can do is accept yourself for who you are. I don't know how to stress this enough you can NEVER please anybody so stopping trying. Wasting your life on pleasing somebody will not benefit you in anyway. It honestly won't so learn to accept yourself for who you are and always remember that you are beautiful in God's eyes and don't nobody tell you otherwise.

Thanks for viewing.
P.S. this is the make up post from yesterday I'm currently suppose to be studying but God just placed this post in my heart and it's something that I felt I had to do. I hope somebody somewhere out there can take something from this post. This is a huge step for me because everybody that knows me knows that I'm not the touchy or emotional kind of person. I like to be by myself that's where I find comfort.



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    1. I completely agree, confidence can take you a long way. Thanks for reading and Merry Christmas.


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