This generation is mostly influenced by the media than ever before. From the television to social media. We're told how to act, dress, speak, eat, and live. The media influences us in our daily lives without us even knowing. We all have our role models and favorite celebrities, we also have our favorite reality t.v. shows like: keeping up with the kardashians or The rich kids of beverly hills and much more. We're also influenced by social medias like: facebook, twitter, instagram, snap chat, and much more.  Let's not forget magazines also. We're all influenced by these things and how they affect us is all up to us.

                                  The perfect body

Today media has manipulated us to think that there's such a thing as a perfect body. When we see the latest issue of People's magazine or Vogue magazine and we see news about our favorite celebrities losing weight or just seeing how good they look, we're then inspired to starve ourselves in order to achieve "the perfect body." There is no such thing as a perfect body, in the fashion world they're two types of bodies, the real women and models. Don't get me wrong models are beautiful and gorgeous, but they need to stop acting like its so easy to be skinny and that they don't have to do anything. Being a plus size woman in today's generation is hard, because we're all caught up on the idea that being plus size is wrong and that we all have to be skinny and look like models. 

Models are beautiful, but i think the most beautiful thing is being comfortable in your own skin. When you're comfortable in your skin, you'll learn to love and appreciate everything else. I know what it's like to be picked on because you don't look like everybody else or you don't have the perfect hair, or because you're overweight. I know what it feels like. I think people pick on others because they're not comfortable in their own skin, I say that because I believe its true. If you feel uncomfortable you'll try to make others uncomfortable as well, you know the saying "misery loves company." 

Thanks for reading .

Peace, love and happy shopping.



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