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We all know how fashion has transformed over the years to the fashion we know now. Fashion back in the day was unique and handmade, and so is fashion now. Fashion from back in the days positively influenced the fashion now. We know the latest trends and how to get it, but we don't know how it came about and where it came from. In this post I'm going to take you on a  journey and help you understand fashion and why it is the way it is. We're first going to start with the 1920's to now 2014.


 Fashion in the 1920's was new, cool, and classy as you see in the picture above. Fashion in the 1920's was very elegant and thats where we get out elegance and classy dressing from. Whenever we're getting ready to go somewhere important like a wedding or something we always dress classy and glamorous.


 The 1930's is when the real fashion was happening. Patterns were a big thing and it was what made fashion a little better. Fashion in the 30's were prints and colors everywhere, work attire was also introduced. Many Celebrities were seen in button down shirt dresses that we now wear today.


The 1940's was known to have vivid and classy with a dash of trashy. Swim suits were invented and two pieces were everywhere. The 1940's was known for their collars and button shirts, the colorful patterns.


The 1950's was hot and sizzling with fashion everywhere. The 50's was colorful and thats where we get our colorful bikinis and such. The 50's influenced our fashion tremendously and it has positively influenced the world of fashion and runway.


       The 60's is like the 50's with more skin.


The 70's was known for bell bottom pants and hippie looks. The 70's are known are for feathers and crappy hats. (no offense).


The 80's are known for sweatbands, crop tops, and sweatpants. The 80's fashion is strange and different and most of it is what we wear today. The 80's was what we called modern, classy, but still trashy, from shorts to bikini the 80's helped us redefine fashion today.


Fashion in the 90's was high waisted jeans and sneakers. Fashion went from the 80's shorts and tight clothes to the 90's baggy and sporty clothes.


Fashion in the early 2000's dramatically changed to fashion now.


I don't need to speak for fashion now. Fashion now is different and its changing everyday with the newest trends and the latest styles. The fashion as we know it today has came along way.

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Peace, love and happy shopping.



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