Hey there! My name is Jael Perkins but I'm also known as Simply Jaelicous. 

I'm a Ivorian native, my parents are from Liberia. I was raised in Liberia, Ghana and the United States. I am a Minnesota based Model, stylist, designer, blogger and fashion student.
I have been blogging since 2014. 

I created Simply Jaelicous for the girl who looks to magazines and celebrities for style inspiration but is on a very tight budget. My goal is to inspire my readers to find their personal style while saving a few bucks. 

Fashion has always inspired me,  I knew I wanted to be a Fashion Designer at a very young age.  I always get asked "why do you like fashion?" I love fashion because it's weird, fun, different and gives me the opportunity to express myself. Fashion helped to overcome a terrible childhood and made me fall in love with myself again.  Fashion helped me discover myself and led me to this beautiful blog and for that I am thankful.

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