Spring is here and summer is near, you are probably scramming your closet looking for clothes or working like a maniac to have an awesome bikini body. Remember to always do what you feel is best for you, like I said in my previous article I love fashion and I want to share it with the world, after all everyone deserves to look fabulous and red carpet ready. Here's a few trends and tips.......

                                 TREND #1: CROP TOPS                          

Yes crop tops!! Crop tops are amazing and so cute, they can spice any outfit and make it look springy or summery. Crop tops are also colorful.

                                       TREND #2: EAR CUFFS                                                                     

Ear cuffs are just so adorable, they're seen everywhere nowadays. Ear cuffs makes you look sophisticated and classy, it also adds this edgy look to your outfit. Add ear cuff to any outfit and watch it transform.

                                          TREND #3: CROPED TOPS AND MAXI SKIRTS                              

Yes crop tops again, you've probably seen this a lot on the red carpet on celebrities like: Kim Kardashian, Zoe Saldana and much more. Maxi skirts can be found in almost every clothing store.

                                                           TREND #4: NEON COLORS                                       

Neon colors are everywhere from the runway to the streets. Neon colors screams summer. Neon colors can be worn with makeup, clothes, nail polish, even shoes. Neon colors never seize to amaze me its so bright and  its mostly happy colors.

                                                               TREND #5: GLADIATOR                                            

Gladiator sandals are back, and better than ever. Gladiator sandals are very classy and also edgy. Gladiator sandals are the perfect accessories to complete an outfit. Gladiator sandals is an no effort glamorous looking shoes.

                                         TREND #6: V-NECK JUMPSUITS                                                 

 This is my personal favorite i have a jumpsuit similar to this but its leopard print. This is an amazing way to style up. Leave comments in the box below and thanks for reading.

Peace, love and happy shopping.



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